Samsung CereTom Mobile CT

The CereTom® is an 8-slice small-bore Portable CT scanner that delivers the highest quality non-contrast, angiography, and contrast perfusion scans in a variety of patient locations. Its combination of rapid scan time, easy-to-use interface, and immediate image viewing make CereTom® an indispensable tool for any clinician needing real-time, high-quality images.


The CereTom® imaging station has advanced visualization software allowing for 2D, 3D, and MPR viewing. The workstation also produces DICOM 3.1 compliant images and with the modality worklist module, allows for seamless integration with PACS.


Multi-departmental imaging:


• Emergency department

• Operating room

• Critical care

• Clinic

Clinical Uses

Portable CT improves both efficiency and safety of the care provided to patients. Critically ill patients who often are on ventilators and intravenous infusions to maintain stability no longer have to leave the safety of the ICU to undergo timely diagnostic brain imaging.

Samsung CereTom CT imaging station
Samsung CereTom mobile CT

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