Samsung XGEO GC80 offers premium image quality at high speed

Samsung XGEO GC80

The XGEO GC80 is the new flagship product from Samsung Electronics. It delivers high-quality DR performance along with a simplified workflow, to maximize user experience. The XGEO GC80 offers you the best diagnostic solution, while increasing your throughput and improving your workplace.






• Positioning Help

• 6 way Table

• Intuitive GUI & AUI

• Remote Control System

• Remote Controller

• Wireless Foot Switch

• THU Touch Screen

• Individual Blade Control


• Anti-collision Sensor

• Samsung MoVue™(optional)

• RMS (Remote Management System)

• FPD (Flat Panel Detector)

• Outstanding Post Image Processing Technology ALCOS (Adaptive Local COntrast Stretching)

• Adaptive Multi-Scale Processing

• Region-of-Interest

• De-noising Filter

• Smart Stitching

• Soft Handling

• Full Automation

• Auto positioning

• Auto tracking

• Auto sync

• Auto park

Features of the Samsung XGEO GC80

Samsung XGEO GC80

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